Monday, May 29, 2017

Of the Four Types of Timeshare Relief Companies, Only One is Truly Legitimate.

When searching for a way out of a timeshare, the timeshare owner will invariably happen upon any of four kinds of timeshare relief companies: those that claim to sell your timeshare, those that claim to transfer your timeshare, those that claim to donate your timeshare, and those that use a licensed timeshare attorney to negotiate directly with your timeshare. Of these four types, only the attorney negotiating with the timeshare is a legitimate strategy.

In this series of posts I will talk about all four types, and explain why the illegitimate types are allowed to stay in business.We begin with those companies that claim to sell your timeshare.

They're called timeshare resale companies, and most of them must change their name every couple of years due to all the bad press they get from unhappy customers. The pitch is simple: Send us a few hundred bucks and we'll sell your timeshare for you. There's just one problem; the timeshare almost never sells. In fact, the odds that it will are well under 2%. But these companies will take your money anyway. They stay in business because their contracts are carefully worded so as not to guarantee anything. They will never go away for one simple reason: a sizeable number of timeshare owners refuse to believe that their timeshare has no value.

And so, every year, thousands find out the hard way.

Come back next week for my thoughts on timeshare transfer companies...

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